King Salmon Limits

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Predator Sportfishing

by Predator Sportfishing Staff

Got to take 8 anglers out on a foggy day including my dad pictured here with his smaller 15lb king (dressed weight) that he caught today. The bigger 17lb(dressed weight) that he caught later was to camera shy for a picture. By 11:30 we were limited out for the anglers and were working on crew fish. By 12:00 we just need one more fish for the crew but called it a day and headed in with 6 jumbo kings. Biggest was almost 23lbs. (No derby ticket) and 13 coho which are starting to put on the winter weight. If you want to go, call the office at 360-268-0900 and remember to request the PREDATOR! FISH ON!

Predator (WA)

Captains Derek Gochanour and Cristian Ibarra
Predator Charters
Westport, WA

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