A portion of the Skagit River to open for steelhead fishery

Skagit River

by WA Department of Fish & Wildlife Staff

Action: Opens catch and release steelhead fishery.

Effective date: Feb. 1 through Apr. 13, 2021.

Species affected: Steelhead.     

Location: Skagit River (Skagit Co.), from the Dalles Bridge in the town of Concrete to the Cascade River in Marblemount.

Rules: Steelhead – open Saturdays though Tuesdays only, closed Wednesdays through Fridays. Fishing for all other species remains closed seven days per week.

Catch and release, except up to two hatchery steelhead may be retained. Wild steelhead must be released immediately and may not be removed from the water.

Selective gear rules in effect. Night closure in effect.

Fishing is prohibited from a vessel that is under power.

Reason for action: The Skagit River steelhead pre-season forecast is 4,297 steelhead. According to the Fishery Resource Management Plan for Skagit steelhead, federally approved in April 2018, when the pre-season forecast is greater than or 4,000 and less than or equal to 6,000 Skagit steelhead, there are enough impacts available to safely provide some catch and release opportunity. The fishery will be four days a week allowing the fishery to be 100 percent monitored without catch expansions. Fully monitoring all days of the fishery allows for the most accurate estimate of catch and helps ensure the catch and release fishery does not negatively affect the run. 

Additional information: The fishery will be monitored by WDFW to estimate impacts to Skagit winter steelhead as well as all incidental catch of other fish species. Anglers are required to cooperate with creel personnel collecting catch information.

Information contact: Mill Creek Regional Office, 425 775-1311

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