Fishing on the Cascade River for coho salmon open seven days per week

Cascade River - (Skagit County)

by WA Department of Fish & Wildlife Staff

Action: Opens coho salmon fishing seven days per week

Location: Cascade River from mouth to Rockport-Cascade Road

Effective date: Immediately, through Nov. 30, 2022

Species affected: Coho salmon


  • Open to coho salmon fishing seven days per week
  • Use of bait (including scent or flavoring) is prohibited
  • Anti-snagging rules
  • Night closure
  • Daily limit 4 coho. Minimum size 12". Release all other species

Reason for action: Treaty coho salmon fisheries in the Cascade River have concluded, therefore closure days are no longer necessary to avoid gear conflicts.

Additional information: This section of the Cascade River will reopen to game fish Dec. 1, seven days per weekper week, as listed under permanent rules in the 2022/2023 Washington Sport Fishing Rules.

Information contact: Mill Creek Regional Office, 425-775-1311

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