Limits of Halibut and nice Deep water Lingcod for all

by Predator Sportfishing Staff

Great Halibut fishing on a beautiful Mother's day! Limits of Halibut and nice Deep water Lingcod for all. Still 4 spots open on the 16th, 1 on the 18th, and 1 on the 25th for Halibut. If you want to go Deep water Lingcod fishing, still room June 1 - 5. Call the office at 360-268-0900 and be sure to request the PREDATOR! FISH ON! #westportcharterspredator#charterboatpredator #experiencewestport #fishonpredator #fishhalibut #lingcodsfordinner #deepwaterlings#westportcharters #fishon

Predator (WA)

Captains Derek Gochanour and Cristian Ibarra
Predator Charters
Westport, WA

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