Columbian River Fish Report 05-26-07

Columbia River

by Dave Perez
(360) 693-7521

Hello everyone.....Wanted to let you all know that we are now booking trips for Spring Chinook....I am very limited on the availability of open days. The only days, as of now that are open, are Sundays and Mondays....Special pricing for these two days for a party of 4 will be $500 or $600 for a party of 6, for a full days fishing.?ĮDrano Lake is my favorite to I am looking forward to this season

The Spring Chinook run this year will be over 40% lower than last year, but Drano Lake (16 miles above Bonneville Dam) will have the best "springer" returning numbers from the rest of the tributaries above Boneville Dam with a 2 hatchery fish limit. Wind River is predicted to only have about 2,000 fish return, with only a 1 hatchery fish limit, last years return was 4,700.

Action is picking up from Cathlamet to Vancouver, the commercials have caught their fish quota so with these guys done for now we should see more fishing activity taking place with catches improving.?ĮFeel free to contact me to reserve a fishing day....

See you on the water.....
Dave.........cell: 503-997-2279