Eastern Seep Lakes Fish Report 10-19-07

Eastern Seep Lakes

by Kaufman Streamborn
(800) 442-4359

Lowering water temperatures and shortening days are a triggering the trout to more or less binge in preparation for over-wintering. Spring hatches are long-gone, and while some chironomid activity (year-round) will materialize, perhaps even a late-brood Callibaetis hatch, always-available staples strongly supplement these limited events.

Leeches, scuds, immature dragon and damsel nymphs and bloodworms are therefore the order of the Fall.

Excellent reports have come in from Lenore, Dry Falls and Lenice, etc., especially in the last week. A good time of year to re-acquaint with "elbow room" out here. Next stop: Spring.

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