Westside Lakes Fish Report 10-19-07

Westside Lakes

by Kaufman Streamborn
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Congregations of fat-head minnows in the shallows are not lost on this lake's voracious bows and browns. Low-light conditions should reveal some inshore carnage as big trout ambush, slash, maim and gorge upon these little baitfish. This obvious event-worth-capitalizing-upon aside, the fish are well aware of winter's approach, so will be feeding with purpose, as if their survival depended on it (and it does). Short of any inshore carnage, do not hesitate to stick with streamer patterns fished close to shore and around structure. Buggers and leeches will also serve anglers well as these fish "fatten up" for winter. Fish the leeches slloooowwwly, and vary retrieves on the buggers and streamers. Fall can also offer some meaningful chironomid activity (and bloodworms fished off the bottom can be deadly for those so inclined to "watch a bobber"), so have that box along as well.

Expect the lake to fish well until it gets too cold (water temps "good enough" over 45 degrees).

UPDATE: Typical day on a lake in FallĶ Poor Brent Hoopes, our Bellevue store "lake guru", was forced to hook and release about 20-some fish, mostly in the upper teens, without a soul on the water all day. Fish are hungry fishermen few!

This lake's rainbows need to fatten up, too, with winter approaching; but, their menu is a little more meaningfully diverse than their brown and bow cousins up at Pass. Leeches can work very well, here, but immature damsels and dragons will be readily gobbled as well. For that matter, scuds, bloodworms and chironomids are also worth having along, and showing.

The gig is up succumbing to their instinct to prepare for over-wintering, trout will feed as actively as water temps allow. They need to take in as many calories as they can before winter sets in to slow, and shut, them down. Hatches are seriously waning, so always-available forage such as leeches, scuds (Lone, Basin lakes), bloodworms, crayfish, immature damsels/dragons and baitfish (Pass!) become the order of the season.

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