Snake River to close to fishing for steelhead

Snake River

Photo Credit: Courtesy of WDFW

by WA Department of Fish & Wildlife Staff

Action: Closes the Snake River to fishing for and retention of steelhead.

Effective date: July 1, 2020 until further notice

Species affected: Steelhead.

Location: From the mouth of the Snake River (Burbank to Pasco railroad bridge at Snake River mile 1.25) to the Idaho/Oregon state line.

Reason for action: The 2020 Columbia River forecasted return for upriver steelhead is 95,500 (85,900 A-index and 9,600 B-index). 

Similar to the last couple of years, steelhead returns are predicted to be low in 2020. Previous closures have been focused on B-index steelhead, but in 2020, there is also an extremely low forecast for A-index steelhead. Pre-season concerns for both A-index and B-index groups of fish (wild and hatchery origin) have led WDFW to close this fishery until further notice. 

Additional information: WDFW will continue to monitor steelhead returns and will make decisions in late summer or early fall on how to proceed with Snake River steelhead fisheries as fish begin to return through the lower Columbia River.

Please continue to check emergency rules if you are planning to fish for steelhead within the affected area.

Information contact: Jeremy Trump, District 3 Fish Biologist, 509-382-1005.